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Choosing a Web Design Company Freelance, Consultancy or Dedicated

When it comes to choosing a web design company, selecting the wrong provider can not only cost you thousands of dollars and a lot of wasted resources, it can also set your business back substantially from a marketing standpoint if the initial web design is not done correctly. Consequently, it’s important to understand the three different types of web design companies in order to determine which will work best for your website.

Freelance Web Designers

Freelance web designers offer some distinctive benefits, but there are also a number of problems that could arise with this type of provider that should be considered. Freelance web designers are often able to offer low pricing for their technical skills and web aptitude – much lower than a consultancy firm, for instance. Additionally, because clients are generally able to work directly with a freelance web designer, customer service is often exceptional.

However, some freelance web designers are notoriously unreliable and often quit or disappear before a project is complete. These individuals often don’t have the discipline and/or resources to ply their trade correctly. In fact, the anonymous nature of the web means that virtually anyone can sell freelance web design services – regardless of their experience and skill. While this can result in finding a gem of a provider from time to time, more often than not it can lead to disappointment.

Consultancy Web Design Services

The consultancy web design services offer one distinct advantage: management of multi-faceted web design. These types of web design companies typically have both in-house staff that works for them, as well as the integration of various outsourced experts. But while this might be an excellent strategy for the business person who does not have any time to devote to a web design project, the fact of the matter is that a consultancy web design service has its own share of problems.

The most significant issue with a consultancy web design service is the interruption of communication channels. If the client doesn’t like a design or feature, they must communicate this to the consultant. Then the consultant must relay this – hopefully well – to the designer/s. Then the designer back to the consultant and the consultant back to the client. Not a very efficient method, and furthermore the consultant that most clients work with rarely does any of the actual work involved in a web design project.

Dedicated Web Design Companies

A dedicated web design company is one that features all staff, technology and resources in-house. They often are able to offer the best customer service possible, as well as the most efficient and professional delivery of projects. And while a service of this type can sometimes be more expensive than a freelance or consultancy firm, the increase in cost is generally more than justified in the return of service, skills, and overall ROI. To find out more about a dedicated web design firm, simply use the links below now and be directly connected to a professional ROI and Web Design conversions expert.